27-31 May 2015,

Tantra center Černívsko u Blatné, Czech Republic

Special guest: Marcel Jayananda Harazím - morning yoga and meditation

tree-coupleWhat is love making? Is it just sexual intercourse or can it be a mindset of how to live every moment of our lives? How can we cultivate an attitude that bringing love making into every aspect of our lives and bring our full being into our sensual, erotic and sexual experiences?

Are you interested in practicing your love making? Are you interested to learn practices that will support more loving connection, greater awareness, and deeper ecstasy? Are you willing to acknowledge and release your guilt, shame and fear and step into your power, your presence and pleasure?

We will dive into meditation practices, yoga, and touch rituals. We will be using the modality of Kundalini Dance to explore embodied tantric relating to experience ecstatic communion with ourselves, with another and with divine. We will cultivate presence and timelessness within our rituals and hold space for whatever emerges without adherence to dogma or ideology.We will also be exploring fun, non – verbal tantric relating practices to create intimacy and to practice being seen in our more authentic, feeling and soulful natures.

RobertRobert will share key interpersonal communication rituals and approaches that support love, trust and understanding in our relationships. Robert will also led touch rituals and other elements of how to create love making practice sessions.

We invite in pleasure, for healing, for release, for ecstasy, for humanness and imperfection, for individual growth and development of community that supports the planet and children. This course will ideally enhance your ability to expand into greater love, compassion and insight into human nature and increase your ability to develop your capacity for shifting yourself and the world around you in accordance to your holy desires.

A significant part of the course is developing the ability to release fear, shame, and guilt and step into our power, presence and pleasure. We will practice authentic relating from a place of non-attachment while speaking and honoring our intentions and desires. We will practice rituals that utilize sexual energy, sensual touch, meditation, communication, and a focus on deepening our ability to generate, integrate and absorb erotic life-force energy.

A key aspect of this course is to immerse ourselves in shared techniques and modalities so that we can realize the essence behind the forms without attachment to the forms. Participants are at choice at all moments and encouraged to seek the choices and responses that best serve their authentic interests. This is a practical course in that the focus is on practice not theory. There will be 3 practice sessions a day to practice the concepts and approaches we will discuss.

This course is an advanced one that requires participants to have at a minimum: body awareness, self-knowledge of emotions, and communication skills including a willingness to speak desires and boundaries. Ideally participants will be familiar with some form(s) of meditation or practices that increase witnessing capacity and self-reflection as well as some form(s) of emotional release and ability to generate and move energy.


This is NOT a therapy group but an opportunity to step in Presence, Power and Pleasure. While many of our activities will have healing effects, we are only inviting those who are ready to join us for this experience and will assume everyone who shows up is ready for the journey and can take full responsibility for their choices, their emotions and their experiences. If you have fear about being witnessed in pleasure or witnessing other’s in pleasure then this a chance to find your ease and your power in such situations. We are practicing doing exercises and activities in a manner that clearly resonates with our desires and our boundaries/agreements. Different people will be doing different activities at the same time and same place as others. Follow your own inner guidance at all times. Attention will be placed on learning how to access the level of intimacy that is most appropriate between two people with awareness that this will shift and change over time.

600_325810032Basic Daily Schedule (subject to change and variation)

7am Morning Yoga, Meditation, and Kundalini Dance
9am Breakfast
10am Morning Session with Demonstrations and Practice
1pm Break and Lunch, Nature time
3pm Afternoon Session with Demonstrations and Practice
6pm Break and Dinner
8pm Evening Practice
10pm Evening Meditation, sleep and personal time

Lectures/Discussions/Areas of Focus – subject to change

-3 Keys – Breath, Sound and Movement – Kundalini Dance, Yoga, etc.
-3 stage Communication Process/Emotional release/Communication for connection rituals/Decision-Making
-Wheel of Consent
-Bodywork/Touch modalities and techniques/Lomi, Thai, Pelvic release, genital massage,sexual healing touch, cranial sacral, Cervical De-armoring Yoga for Ecstasy and Awareness
-Anatomy and Emotional Anatomy
-Ethics and Energy
-Neurological re-patterning/Shamanic Journeying
-Meditation forms/Masculine and Feminine/
-History of Sex-Positive Cultures & Communities/Sustainability and Social Permaculture
-Esoteric Rituals/Connection to Nature, Earth and Cosmic Rhythms
-STI/STD’s /Condoms/fluid-bonding
-Ejaculatory choice/Sublimation of energy
-Personal/Interpersonal/Transpersonal Relating

Venue: Tantra center Cernivsko, 1hr drive from Prague

Registration: peter.koncula@gmail.com

Price: 350 Euro

Food+Accomodation: 22 Euro per person/day